ES File Explorer Pro APK v4.4.1.0 + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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ES File Explorer Pro Apk is an exceptional business and productivity application developed by ES Global. It stands out as a premium, full-featured software that offers a multitude of powerful capabilities. With Es file explorer pro Apk (File Manager), you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that enable you to efficiently manage and share all your local Android and Cloud files. Es file explorer pro mod Apk sets itself apart as a reliable, safe and user-friendly file management application.

Es file explorer pro Apk gives you an intuitive interface and well-designed features make navigating and controlling your files a breeze. With an impressive user base exceeding 500 million worldwide, this remarkable file manager caters to a diverse range of file types, providing comprehensive support and functionality. Es file explorer pro black mod Apk embodies professionalism, delivering a robust and efficient file management experience.

ES File Explorer Pro Apk

What is ES File Explorer Pro Apk?

Es File Explorer Pro APK offers a comprehensive solution to the limitations of the free version of the original Es File Explorer app. By upgrading to the Pro version, users can eliminate intrusive ads and unlock a host of additional features. This premium application provides users with professional-level file management capabilities on their mobile devices.

By downloading es file explorer pro mod Apk, users can effortlessly navigate through their local device folders and perform a wide range of file utilities on the go. Users can personalize their folder color panels by selecting from a variety of palettes. The app displays all available files, as well as managing music libraries, pictures, and videos stored on the SD card or local and external storage of the mobile device. It also seamlessly integrates with third-party media players like Quickoffice allowing users to enjoy their multimedia content directly within the app.

One of the standout features of Es File Explorer Pro is its Remote File Management capability, enabling users to connect with various cloud storage platforms, Linux servers, MAC, PC, phones, and tablets.

Version Info

App nameEs file explorer pro
CategoryFile Management APP
RequirementAndroid 9.0 or above
RootNo Root
Last Updated25 June 2023
Total Downloads74,000+
DeveloperES GLOBAL
Download OptionsAPK, Google Play

Why ES File Explorer Pro Apk?

The main reason of using ES File Explore Apk is to enhace the user experience of using file manager instead of traditional file manager. Usually, it is a paid software but here I will provide you in free of cost. The facilities of using this app you can share folder between other android devices. Also share file with IOS as well as Windows PC. Another benefit of using this app is you can also hide your personal files inside this software. Also, it has built in media player which provide you a new experience.

ES File Explorer Pro Vs ES File Explorer

TitleES File Explorer ProES File Explorer
Ads:No AdsAds
Interface:Like WindowsNot Like Windows

How to Download Es File Explorer Pro APK latest version 2023?

Download Es file Explorer Pro Apk from this website. We give the latest version of the software. Interested in installing it on your device follow these steps:

  • First, you have to download the Apk on your device
  • Then turn off  the unknown sources option on your device
  • Then install the downloaded Apk
  • Enjoy

All Versions

Is it Safe to Use ES File Explorer Pro Apk?

Yes, Es file explorer pro Apkis safe to use. You can see what data the app wants access to in your mobile. You can alter the permissions and access that you will give the app. Not only has that it asked for your permission to access your data. It is in the google paly store and has thousands of downloads thus it can be said that it is a safe app to use. Still don’t forget to read the instructions carefully.

Main Attractions

Remove Ads

Remove Annoying Ads and Customize Your Interface.

User-Friendly English

We have refined the language in the app to ensure effortless understanding and a polished user experience.

App Manager

Easily organize your apps by categories, uninstall unnecessary ones, back up important ones, and create shortcuts with the application manager.

Greater Customization Options

Customize your app’s starting pages and default window according to your preferences.

All features

Remove Ads

Remove Annoying Ads and Customize Your Interface

More to customize

Tailor your app’s start pages and default window to suit your preferences.

File Manager

Empower yourself with a comprehensive file manager that mimics desktop or laptop functionality. Perform various operations such as Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut and Bookmark. These features can be utilized on both local files (stored on your Android device) and remotely (from your computer over a network).

Application Manager

Categorize, uninstall, back up and create shortcuts for your apps with ease using the application manager.

Remote File Manager

Enable the Remote File Manager feature to conveniently handle your phone’s files directly from your computer.

Built-in ZIP and RAR support

Seamlessly compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files and even create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files with built-in support.

Bluetooth file browser

Copy and paste files between Bluetooth-enabled devices using the Bluetooth file browser. ES File Explorer Pro(File Manager) supports OBEX FTP, facilitating device browsing and file transfers.

Speed up your device

With a single click, kill tasks to free up memory and enhance device speed. Keep track of your current RAM usage with a convenient widget on your home screen. You can also create an ignore list to exclude specific applications from being closed. Note that the Task Manager module is necessary for this functionality.

Root Explorer

Enjoy a comprehensive set of file management tools exclusively designed for root users. Access the entire file system and all data directories, granting you the ability to modify permissions and take full control.

User-Friendly English

We’ve optimized the language within the app for effortless comprehension and a professional user experience.

How to Install ES File Explorer Pro APK on Android?

Step-1: First of all, download the ES FILE EXPLORER PRO APK.

Step-2: Then Go to Security.

Step-3: Turn off the unknown resources option.

Step-4: Then click on the app to open it, then click on the install button to install it.

Step-5: Then it will show the installing interface.

Step-6: That’s it after completing the installation process then click to open button.

How do I install ES File Explorer Pro APK on my PC?

Step-1: At first, download Blue Stacks software on your PC.

Step-2: Then install the blue stacks software on your PC.

Step-3: After that complete the Google sign-in process to access the Play Store or you can do it later.

Step-4: Click the “Download APK” button to get the APK setup file. Wait for the download to complete.

ES File Explorer Pro APK

Step-5: Open BlueStacks and click the “Install APK” button on the right, then select the APK file you downloaded in step 4. Click on “Open” to install the ES File Explorer Pro software. Another way to install, you can double-click on the APK file in your download folder and follow the installation process.

Step-6: Click the ES File Explorer app icon to open the app and start using it to organize your files and folders. Also, you have to make sure that you accept the app’s license agreement.

Step-7: Click the ES File Explorer Pro icon on the home screen to open the application.

Step-8: That’s all and now enjoy the application and experience it’s premium features.

How can I hide folders or files in ES File Explorer Pro Apk?

Step-1: Please download and install the application from the Play Store.

Step-2: Access the File Explorer and navigate to the Menu. Then, select “Local” followed by “Storage” to locate the specific folder you wish to hide.

Step-3: To hide specific folder or files, simply select them by pressing down on the folder or file.

Step-4: To hide the folder or file, at first select the folder you want to hide. Then, click on the “3-dot Menu” at the top right side and choose the “Hide” option. By hiding the folder, its files will no longer be visible in other file managers as well.

Step-5: To show again the hidden files or folder, navigate to the Menu at the top left side and select “Tools”. From there, locate and choose “Hide List”.

Step-6: You have the option to restore and open hidden folders directly from the hiding list. After click “Restore” button you can restore that specific folder or file and can see in your storage.

How do I transfer files from Phone to PC using ES File Explorer Pro?

Step 1: At first, Setting-Up your Windows PC to Shared Folder or Files.

At first, create a folder on your Windows PC. Suppose the folder name “Android PC shared” as an example. Note: Remember that this folder allows both reading and writing access.

Step 2: Access the Folder on your PC from your Android Device using ES File Explorer Pro.

Open the ES File Explorer app on your Android device. In the upper-left corner, you’ll find a small globe icon now click on that globe icon. Next, navigate the “Network” option and click on that. And then on “LAN” option.

By following this step, you will be able to access the folder that you have created on your Windows PC.

Step 3: Searching for Network Shares on your LAN

Now navigate the “Menu” at the bottom of the ES File Explorer Pro app on your Android Device. Then click on the “Search” option to initiate the search for available network shares on your local area network (LAN).

If you do not find any network shares listed, please confirm or verify that your Android Device and your Windows Computer are connected to the same local network. Once confirmed, attempt the search again. If the search is successful, you will be able to see your Windows Computer listed, along with its corresponding IP address.

Step 4: Accessing your Windows PC and Providing Necessary Information.

Once you have located your Windows PC in the list displayed on your Android Device click on that. Following this, you will be given a form to enter your PC username and password.

To procced, simply input your Computer username and password in the provided fields. This step is necessary to authenticate and establish a secure connection between your Android device and the Windows PC.

Step 5: Sharing Files between PC and Mobile using ES File Explorer Pro.

Once the “Android PC shared” folder will appears on your Android device that you created on your PC, now you can start exchanging files easily using ES File Explorer Pro between your PC and Android Device.

To share files, simply navigate the “Android PC shared” named folder using ES File Explorer Pro from your Android Device. And then, you select the desired files or folders that you want to share and copy or move that files for transfer between your Android device and the Windows PC. This allows for seamless file sharing and enables you to easily access and manage your files across both devices.

Is ES File Explorer Pro Apk Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Yes, it is available for IOS Devices. It requires your iPhone iOS 11.0 or above. The size of Apk for iPhone is 230 Mb. Available in more than 10+ languages has a 4.8⭐⭐⭐ rating.

Pros & Cons:

No adsRisk of security Breach
Can change themeAsk permission that is not necessary
Easy logos like windowsDual charge booster feature is not useful
Can transfer on Wi-FiNot updated regularly
Supports multiple languagesPossibility of system breach
Daily updatedCompany Can access your data
User Friendly InterfaceNot easy to remove the premium plan


At the end, ES File Explorer Pro Apk has raised a significant popularity as a file management application for Android devices. It offers various use-full features and functionalities that enable users to efficiently organize their files, documents and media. With its user-friendly interface, ES File Explorer Pro makes easier to navigate files. Also, it supports the function to transfer files between phone and windows computer.


Which is es file explorer pro apk latest version?

The latest version of the Es File Explorer Pro is v4. Which provide you the latest features batter then previous one.

Is es file explorer pro free?

No, the es file explorer pro is a premium app but I give you it for free.

Do I download es file explorer pro apk?

Yes, you can easily download the es file explorer pro apk from my website.

How to get es file explorer pro for free?

In my website I provide you this es file explorer pro apk. At first you open my website and then you found a download button simply click on that. That’s it.

Can I download es file explorer apk for pc?

Sure, you can download es file explorer apk for your pc. Also I provide guide in my website how you can download Es file explorer Pro apk for your windows PC.